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Review Policy for both Rose & Ken, reviewers & bloggers at 
Desert Rose Reviews.

**We are not currently taking any more review requests.  We need to finish the book queue we've already got going.  Thank you for understanding.**

*Quick note!  Did you know?  We don't just review books!  This is not strictly a book blog.  We review books, movies, music, t.v. shows ... basically anything we find interesting enough to have an opinion on that we'd like to share.  The policy below is primarily for authors, as they provide the majority of our review requests, but we're happy to review music and maybe even art as well.

**This is our review policy for our official/"plugged in" reviews.  This policy does not necessarily apply to the reviews on our "UnPlugged" Blog.

***If you're an author who's waiting on a review from us, please remember, we don't appreciate emails asking us if we've gotten to your book yet.  Life has been handing us some challenges lately, and our review time is slow at the moment.  We will get caught up in the next few months, but please be patient.  Thank you!

What Can I Expect From You And Your Reviews? ~

~ We know authors spend a long time on their book, and as reviewers, we respect their efforts.  We believe the surprises and details of a book should be left to entertain the reader, and should not be ruined by an overly opinionated and detailed book-report.  We believe having too many spoilers in a review hurts a potential readers' idea of the book- if they already know the details of what happens, then why buy it?

~ Other than the back cover/blurb from the author themselves, we try not to read any extra information or other reviews before we read the book itself.  Our reviews are based on our opinions only- we do not read other reviews on a book before we write our own.

~ We write general, unbiased, honest, personal, professional reviews.  We do not promise a positive review, but we do promise an honest review of what we personally thought of that book.

~ Our reviews will usually include our thoughts on the following:

      ~ Overall thoughts of the story/plot
      ~ Characters
      ~ Writing style
      ~ If we give a rating of 4 roses or less, we'll generally explain why
      ~ Who, if anyone, we'd recommend the book to

~ When posting on our blog, we'll add the book title, author's name, book cover, synopsis (borrowed from either Goodreads or Amazon, which will be noted), our Rose Rating, our review, links to the book, author pages, and where to buy.

*Not every book we review is from a Read 4 Review agreement, but if we received a copy of a book from an author/publisher in exchange for a review, we will note that in our review.

~~~ Our Rose Rating System ~~~

  ~ 5 Roses: Mind blowing, completely fantastically wonderful!!  Must read for anyone!

  ~ 4 Roses: Really good read!  Safely recommended, but had some minor issues that kept it from becoming a favorite.

  ~ 3 Roses:  I liked it.  Not horrible, but not great...just average.  Doubt I'll read it again, but I wouldn't say "stay away".

  ~ 2 Roses: Ok/didn't like it...below average.  Probably won't read again, but didn't cause me too much pain to finish.

  ~ 1 Rose: Total waste of time.  If I finished it at all, it was painful, and I won't read it again.  I don't recommend.

What Genres/Sub-Genres Do You Accept? ~

We read a wide variety of genres, although we mainly enjoy and will accept:
~Young Adult- especially paranormal, (post)apocalyptic, dystopian/utopian, and steampunk (other sub-genres are welcome as well)
     ~New Adult
     ~Mystery and Thriller, esp psychological thrillers
     ~Fiction- Adult and Historical

~ We don't generally accept self-help, travel, political, non-fiction or memoirs.  However, we do enjoy these genres as well, from time to time, so if your book falls into one of these genres, feel free to request a review.

* We will not accept adult erotica, under any condition.  (This does not include YA/NA romance, as long as it's not excessively inappropriate).  If your book is erotic or leaning towards erotic, please pass us by as reviewers.  We won't enjoy it or finish it.  Since our reviews are honest, we honestly don't like reading porn on paper, and won't be able to give it a positive review- just our preference.

~ As a general note: if we am unable to finish a book because it contained excessive: gore, sexual situations, drugs, or language- we will still give a review, and our inability to finish the book will be noted, so please keep this in mind before requesting a review.

~ We do accept short stories, novelettes and novellas, however, our review will most likely be short as well.  Since there is less material to read, there's even less we can review on, without giving away spoilers.  A short review doesn't mean we didn't like it, simply that we are respecting the author's work by keeping the details a surprise.

How Can I Send You My Book? ~

Either in eBook format, or a print/paper copy.

~ If you wish to send us a paper copy of your book, please contact us via email, and we'll give you the mailing address in private.

~ If you wish to send us an eBook, we accept Mobi, ePub, and .pdf, although we prefer Mobi format, if possible.

~ All inquiries and eBooks can be sent to desertrosereviews (at) gmail (dot) com.
       *Please note, simply sending us your book without an inquiry or agreement to review will not automatically result in a review, and we may still decline to read your book.  Please touch base with us before sending us any review copies, to make sure we can actually review for you.  We don't want you expecting a review from us, without us actually agreeing to it ;)

Do You Charge A Fee For Your Reviews? ~

No, we don't charge a fee- we provide free, honest reviews.  However, if you enjoy our reviews and/or site, or are an author who appreciated our review of your book, and feel lead to support us and our freelance work, we always appreciate donations.  We've added a "Donate" button to our bottom bar, via PayPal, and appreciate anyone willing to help support these freelance entrepreneurs. ☺
~~~ Just A Few Things To Note ~~~

~ Please don't leave a random comment on our blog asking if we can review for you, as we may not see it and therefore, would be unable to contact you.  Please email us directly so you can be sure of a reply.

~ Please do not get impatient and email us asking if we've gotten a chance to read your book yet.  Unless we've agreed on a finish date, we'll get there when we get there.  We volunteer to read and review for fun, as well as running our virtual tour service and editing, and typically have a large volume of books we're working on for authors.  It takes time to read them all, and we do have a life outside reading books. ☺  We try and read requested books in the order we receive them, however if we do have a stack to get through, we'll read what looks the most interesting first.

       *If you do send us multiple emails requesting for us to go faster, or wondering if we've gotten to your book yet, we'll most likely not read your book at all.  We are providing a service, for free, and do have other things going on.  While your book is an awesome accomplishment, it's not the center of our world, so please be patient.  At the moment, we have about 30 books to read, and our review time is slow.  

~ We do reserve the right to refuse any review request made.  Refusals will be made if we'm too busy and won't be able to review in an acceptable amount of time, or we know we won't like the book.

~ If you are unhappy with a negative review, please keep in mind that we write our reviews honestly and without prejudice.  It is not personal, and in no way a statement about you as a person - we critique and judge books, not people.  If we do not like a book, then we will not give it a positive review, whether it was given to us for free, or with any other compensation.  We don't blow smoke, and we don't fluff things that we didn't like.

~ If you would like to discuss a review, please do so in private via email or a private message on any of the social sites listed on our "Contact Us" page.

~ As our reviews are ours, and we own them, we will post them to any site we choose, regardless of whether we liked the book or not.  Even if it's a negative review, we will still post the review to the sites listed on our Services page.  As professional reviewers, we have our own obligations to fulfill.  It's not a personal attack or reflection on the author, we simply have the right to share our reviews.

       *By requesting a review, you agree to the terms and conditions in this policy, as well as our site terms and conditions.  We may add or remove terms at any time, without notice.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

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